Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pregnant Skiing

Yep, sounds like a funny title for a post, but it was a big deal for me. Many of you know that I had a ski trip to Colorado planned for late February. When I found out I was pregnant I thought I would have to cancel it. My wise husband told me to still go, I could enjoy the time off, the scenery, the outdoors, time with my mom and sister, etc. So, I kept the tickets. As we got closer to the date we had two doctor appointments, one with the neonatologist, one with my OB. My OB told me absolutely not to ski. The specialist though said that if I knew how to ski, took it easy, rested a lot, and stuck to easier slopes I should be ok. Hmm, what to do with two differing doctor opinions? Pray! I prayed, and Michael did the same, and he told me he thought I should ski, assuming I got out there and felt ok. I thought I would try to ski one morning, and he told me he thought I would be up to skiing two mornings. Gotta love his faith! So, I went out and I skied! I took it easy, stuck to the slower slopes, took my time and rested, all those good things, but you know what? It was amazing. It was quiet time, to think and pray and enjoy God’s creation. I saw the beautiful snow, amazing mountains, gorgeous trees, the works. And I got to praise God for His creation. I got to experience my little sister looking out for me, skiing behind me to make sure I was ok and didn’t need help. I got to enjoy a sport that I love that I don’t get to participate in often. It was such a blessing from God to have that opportunity, and I am so thankful for it. He showed me when to stop, when to rest, when to give it up for the day, but I got to enjoy a lot that I didn’t think I would. He is so good to His children! He loves to give us blessings and allow us to enjoy life!

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  1. I love your display of faith Mandy. God is ramping your faith up lately! I just love seeing this beauty in you. It is so encouraging to me :)