Monday, March 16, 2009

Changes In Us

Getting ready to have a baby and be responsible for a new life sure brings about a lot of introspection. Michael and I have both examined so many aspects of our life, and it's funny some of the things we both realize we want to change. Things about ourselves, aspects of our relationship, how we interact, things that bother us, all sort of things big and small. One thing we have really been committed to, though, it not putting that burden on our child. What does that mean? This baby may have made us realize our need to change, but we are not changing because of the baby. That would put a lot of pressure on this innocent little child, that he/she caused his/her parents to make life changes or act a certain way. I don't want this child to enter the world with burdens or expectations placed on him or her. I want this baby to be born fully loved and cherished for exactly who God created him/her to be, no string attached. So, we are both talking about change (which is exciting - can't we always strive to be better people!) but we are both very careful to remember that these changes are going to take place because we want them to and feel they are things God is calling us to in order to be better children of God, better people, a better husband/wife, a better friend, etc. So, I'm excited for this new aspect of our journey that is related to pregnancy, but also more about us!

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