Thursday, October 7, 2010

Today I Bought My Son a Cookie

Today I bought my son a cookie. Not just any cookie. Check it out...
So, why is this blogworthy, you might ask. Well, Jameson likes sweets. (Who can blame him?) More importantly, he wants a bite of anything Mama or Daddy is eating. But, does he know the difference between quality of sweets? A break-and-bake cookie versus one from the Bonbonerie? (That's where we went this morning to return the cake plate from Ashley's wedding over the weekend.) The answer of course is no. He won't value the taste any more. He doesn't get the cute decoration that makes it fun and fall festive. He doesn't appreciate the things that make it a special, fancy cookie. I could just as easily given him something more common, and he would have been happy.
So, why didn't I? Good question. Part of me thought: This is extravagent. There are better things I can do with this money. He doesn't know the difference. But the bigger part of my thought: I love my son. And that's what it comes down to. I love him so much, and I can't wait to see his smile when he takes a big bite!
This isn't something we will do every day. It is a special thing. Yes, extravagent, but I think sometimes I need to be extravagent to be sure I am not loving money. We've all heard that the love of money is the root of all evil. So, I think sometimes using money to shower love on someone, whether that is someone forced into prostitution in India or that someone is my own precious little boy, is a great way to ensure that money isn't getting to be too important in my eyes.
As we walked out of the bakery with our fun cookie, I couldn't help but think about God. I am His precious child. He loves me infinitely more than I even love Jameson. (I still can't even grasp that love.) So, why wouldn't He enjoy throwing blessings my way once in awhile? Not that He needs to make my life a bed of roses, any more than I will make things too easy for Jameson. We live in a fallen world, a battleground, and we have to fight and learn and mature as we go. But somedays, God gives me an extravagent fall cookie just cuz He loves me and wants to make me grin, and I'm so thankful for that.