Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Bigger Picture

I recently read something that got me thinking: do I look at God only as who He is to me, or do I look at His bigger story? That thought has given me pause, and is something I am working through. How easy it is to be consumed with my little world. My basement flooded. My house caught on fire. My baby is sick. I pray, I ask God for healing, for restoration, I thank Him for our safety, I get frustrated when I don't feel my prayers are immediately answered. Where is He? Why isn't He responding?
Is this selfishness? These trials that we are going through, are they part of a bigger story, one that I may or may not ever know the full extent of? Instead of being frustrated that God isn't answering my prayers as quickly as I want, should I instead be patient, wait in faith, trust in His goodness, and ask Him to use me, to use these situations for His glory? This is a lot to consider. But it gives me hope. I would much rather look for the bigger picture than feel frustrated or ignored. Hmmm...