Sunday, March 15, 2009

In The Beginning

So, this is my first attempt at a blog. I've never done one before, but have greatly enjoyed following those of some of my friends and thought I'd take a shot at it. What has really motivated me to start one now is my pregnancy, and all that Michael and I are learning and experience as we are getting ready to welcome our first child into this world. I feel like every day there is a new emotion or insight or fact that we are learning. Some are scientific, some are spiritual, some emotional, others more relational. But, all are welcome! I have been journaling about a lot of it, but that seems so private, and really waht is the point of learning and experiencing life if we aren't sharing what we learn with others. So, here it is. I am sure some of this will make more sense than other parts, some may seem emotional, or far-fetched, depending on what point of view you are coming from. So, feel free to take what you want from it. To get started I will going back in time a bit, to some of what I felt when we first found out we were expecting, then catching up to where we are now...

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