Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Indescribable Love

How is it possible to feel so much love for someone I have never met, seen, touched, talked to, etc? And yet every day I am overwhelmed with the love I feel for this tiny life growing inside of me. I pray for this baby, his health and development in the womb, and his life as he grows. I pray that God will show me and Michael how to be good parents, how to raise him well and parent to his needs and personality. I pray that he will be blessed in so many ways as he grows up. I pray so many big and small things for him. I envision our future, scenes from our family life to come. I can picture our newborn baby coming home from the hospital. I can picture him/her dragging a favorite blankie or stuffed animal around the house. I can see us at the beach, playing in the waves together. Even though this child can’t understand my words, I talk to him/her. I whisper words of love, and dreams of the future throughout the day.
And it gives me a whole new appreciation for God’s love for me. How much He loves me, His child. How much He cares for me and wants good things for me and wants to grow and develop me. He has such plans for me, if I would just take the time to know him and understand the plan He has laid out for me. He wants the best for me, and is going to do everything He can (and everything I will let Him do) to grow me and mature me and make me a good person and to give me a good life. He speaks to me, even if I don’t always understand what He is saying or take the time to hear His words. Just like this baby will grow and learn and eventually understand what I am saying, if I spend time in God’s word and in a community of believers and in prayer I will learn to understand Him, and how to have a more meaningful conversation with Him, and understand what He is telling me in my life. I am His child, and He is raising me every day.

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  1. I have had those same thoughts so many times recently - I appreciate God's love for me so much more now that I know what that unconditional love feels like! Thank you for describing it so beautifully.