Monday, June 1, 2009


Yesterday I was blessed to get to hear from some people who are truly walking with God. Three people from Crossroads are in the process of selling off homes and businesses to move to Mamelodi, South Africa. For anyone out there not familiar, Crossroads has developed a partnership with a church over there. We have worked together on many things, with teams going back and forth between the two churches at various times. I have several good friends who have gone on week long trips to Mamelodi and come back with amazing stories of growth and seeing God first hand. But these people are going even one step further, following a calling from God to move there permanently. (You will be able to hear all about it on Crossroads website if you like.

I don't know if God will ever call me to something as big and visible as that trip. He may, or He may call me to be a great mothere right here in Cincinnati, or to reach out to someone who will then in turn be the person to move far away and do something grandiose. I have no idea, but I was inspired to hear their story. Whether what God calls me to do is what Brian Tome referred to as 'grunt work' or 'glory work' I want to be in tune with Him so that I can follow that calling. What I am learning is that in my life a lot of times that means slowing down. It is hard to hear God when I am trying to cram too many things into a day, a week, my life. As much as that feels efficient in the world's eyes, something to be glorified in getting everything done off of my to-do list, it isn't bringing glory to God, or bringing me in closer contact with Him, which is after all what I want. It is amazing how, when I spend some time with Him, suddenly the rest of my day falls into place. He multiplies my time and smooths the way for things to get done. Or, when things aren't done as quickly or easily as I would like He gives me a better attitude and it doesn't bother me.

It's funny - when I am spending time with Him, walking with Him, hearing from Him, everything in life is so much better! Yet it is so easy for me to forget that, to get caught up in my lists and my agendas without spending time with Him, and how quickly I then get off track. It is an ever-evolving process as to how my time with Him works, but I need it to work to continue on the growth and path that I want with Him in my life.

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