Monday, June 29, 2009

Our Little Bean

For the past several days I have felt this little bean move more and more than I have before. He must be getting bigger and stronger, because in the past I would feel him a little bit at different points during the day, but now it is happening all the time, and the feelings are stronger. It's not just the sharp kicks and jabs that I feel, but I feel him stretching or turning over. It is great!

It has got me thinking even more about what a miracle this is. I was praying this morning, and just praising God for this wonderful little guy that He has created. It is amazing and comforting all at the same time to know that He has known this child from conception. Before I even knew I was pregnant, God knew. And He knew it was a boy, and what color his eyes will be (they open this week!) and what his favorite color will be, and what he will want to be when he grows up. What an honor to have a God who knows and cares so much for my child.

I was thinking that, even now, God is preparing the road for this child. He is knitting together other children who will be his friends and classmates. Somewhere right now He is training up a teacher who will impact my child's life. He is developing the man or woman who will someday be his boss, and his co-workers. He is training a great person who will lead him in Kids Club and help him learn more about Jesus. He is forming the perfect woman to be his wife. Amazing!

And this child that He has formed isn't just a coincidence. It's not just that we happened to conceive on a certain date, so this is the baby we are having. God put this specific child together as the perfect child for me and Michael. This is the child He created for us and I just ask His blessings on our family, giving us great relationships, giving us knowledge and discernment as parents to raise this little guy right.

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  1. Such a blessing this baby is to all of us and we haven't even been formally introduced! Amazing the Creator we serve. I am constantly in awe!