Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I don't know why I am still amazed at how God provides for His children. I know that He loves me, and that I have put everything in my life in His hands. He always provides, yet I am still sometimes surprised by it. I guess it is good that I don't take it for granted and am still so thankful and amazed when He showers me with His love.

Here is an example that happened to me this week. On Monday I was thinking about our baby. I love this little guy so much already that it sometimes brings me to tears. I was thinking about all the wonderful things that I want to give this baby. I want him to have the world. But it hit me that, most of all, I want to give him God. I want to teach Him about Jesus, I want to model a good relationship with God. I want to take him to church, teach him to pray, raise him in a Christian community. I pray that he will know God and walk with Him all his life. Anything outside of that, all the material possessions, aren't as important. So, I spent some time in prayer and told God all of that. I asked Him to help me raise my chlid in Him, and told Him that I would trust Him for the rest, for all the material 'things' that I want him to have. With me not working these days the idea of all the 'things' we need and the cost of them has taken a bit more prominence in my mind.

On Tuesday, I was surprised to find a box on our porch. It was a very generous gift off of our registry. Most people don't even know we are registered yet, as I have just been trying to get that done. We couldn't find a card or anything, and spent several hours wondering where it came from before we finally found a packing slip. A friend had sent it out of the blue. A coincidence that just 24 hours earlier I had told God I would trust Him to provide for this baby? I don't think so. He is so good!!!! It was like He just wanted to show me that He heard me and He loves that I am trusting Him and He is confirming that He will provide. I love Him!


  1. I love this example of your Father loving you. This is Him doing what He says He will do and confirmation that He is Who He says He is.

  2. I love this Mandy! As you know, I have been struggling with some of the same thoughts about "providing" the material things. I know deep down that's not what a child truly needs. It needs love and a relationship with the Lord that will help him or her through any situation that may arise. Thanks for sharing that was really helpful and inspiring. ~ Erin ~