Wednesday, July 29, 2009

God Gave Us a Tahoe!

I just LOVE when God works in our lives. There are constant reminders of his love and action on our part, if we would just choose to see them. The past week has been a busy one for us. Last year we had started looking at SUVs, knowing my little 2-door was not going to be feasible once we had a baby. There were some good deals at the time, but we felt like we should wait until we 'needed' a car. I wasn't pregnant yet at that point, so we decided to hold off. Now, with me at 30 weeks last week, we were definitely feeling like the time was right. We have been looking, trying to find a deal, and my wonderful husband did some research to determine exactly what price, mileage, features, etc we wanted to see to make it the right package. I asked him over the weekend if he had prayed about it. He hadn't, but said he would, and I did as well. Last Monday he came home from work and told me he wanted to show me a vehicle on Craig's list. It was in Louisville, was the car we wanted, but higher on miles and on price than we were ideally looking for. When he logged on to show it to me there was another one, also in Louisville, also what we wanted, fewer miles and lower price! He emailed them immediately. Long story short he really hit it off with these people, we drove to Louisville the next afternoon and bought the car. We got everything we were looking for at a good price. Praise God! I fully believe He gave us this car to keep our new little one safe as we drive him around town.

Then came the process of cleaning up my car to sell. Michael was great at getting it cleaned up and ready for market. We prayed about selling it, put it on Craig's list, had 3 calls within a couple of hours and sold it that night! God has blessed us beyond measure.

Why does this world make it so easy to doubt Him, to think He isn't there or doesn't care about our day to day lives? Why do we get out of the habit of talking to Him, bringing our cares to Him, asking for His help and guidance? He is happy to give it, we just need to ask, but we are too often caught up in taking care of ourselves. I want to rely on Him instead. I choose to rely on Him instead. His ways are better than mine, His plan greater, and I want to be part of it!

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